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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 10 Questions

  1. What is kapu law and why was Akamu and Big Puhi in the temple of refuge?

  2. Who did Lana blame for Akamu breaking kapu law?

  3. If a woman is an aliʹi , what two classes of people can aliʹi  marry?

  4. Kala is Lana’s hand servant and protector. What irritates Lana mostly about Kala?

  5. What is ʹulu?

  6. Name the four major gods in ancient Hawaiian mythology.

  7. What were Akamu and Big Puhi doing in the temple of refuge?

  8. Who raised Big Puhi?

  9. What gift did Lana give to Akamu?

  10. Can the olepe shells still be found on the beaches of Hawaii?

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