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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 22 Questions

  1. Why was Big Puhi so upset when he learned that Ele was his sister?

  2. What does it mean when  Kahuna Maka said “What Ele has done and who she is will change everything - and nothing.”?

  3. Why didn’t King Kiamana just kill Ele?

  4. One of the king’s advisors quoted an old adage, ‘Use Ku to defeat our enemy, Hina to discover who our enemies are”.  What does that mean?

  5. What is the reason King Kiamana is surrounded by kahili poles?

  6. What is the meaning of Big Puhi and Kahuna Maka performing the honi nose breathing?

  7. What is the significance of the Makahiki star cluster?

  8. What do they call the Makahiki star cluster in the modern Greek language?

  9. What do they call the Makahiki star cluster in modern Japanese?

  10. In ancient Hawaii, every name of a person had a special meaning. What does Big Puhi’s real name, Keone mean?

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