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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 8 Questions

  1. In chapter 8,  what main thing is Polihale known for?

  2. On the sand dunes outside of Polihale there are low shrubs with waxy leaves.  Why do you think the plant has such stiff, waxy leaves?

  3. Why did the evil Haku hit Ele?

  4. How could have Ele handled the situation differently?

  5. Where did the salt come from that is found in Polihale?

  6. In the name Polihale, what does hale mean?

  7. Why did salt accumulate in Polihale?

  8. How do most people carry a waʹa, an outrigger?

  9. Have you been in a waʹa? Was it easy to carry? Was it easy to paddle?

  10. Why did Ele feel it was necessary to antagonize Haku and tell him he was frightened? Was it smart to do that?

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