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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 26 Questions

  1. How did the head navigator determine at night when he was in the proper position off the coast of Nualolo? 

  2. What did the Matu navigator do to practice the skills necessary to find locations at night?

  3. How do you say “look” in Hawaiian? How do you say look at the children?

  4. The knives used by most ancient Hawaiians were made of what two materials?

  5. What did King Afu promise Ele if she lit the fire to show where the attack should occur?

  6. When Ele told King Afu that everything was as it should be, was she lying?  Why?

  7. One technique used by the Hawaiian warriors was to attack in a triangle like pyramid. Can you think of another army either from the past or present also attacked in a triangle?

  8. Why did the koa warriors spread coconut oil on their bodies? What does that tell you about their way of fighting?

  9. In order to win the battle, King Kiamana needed to separate the Matu warriors from the boats. Why was that important and how did King Kiamana try and do that.

  10. History books say that one of the most effective ancient weapons was the long spear. This was true for the Romans and the Hawaiians. Name three other weapons the Hawaiians used.

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