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Puhala and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 4 Questions

  1. In the book Puhala and the Revenge of the Matu, the Matu warriors talk about their island being located west of Kaua`i. What is the island’s name that actually sits west of Kaua`i?

  2. In chapter 4 of Puhala and the Revenge of the Matu, women are labeled as “someone invisible, a servant, someone no one will notice, a person of little consequence.”  Back in the 1100 AD, did other societies feel the same way about females? Why?

  3. What does the Hawaiian word wahine mean in English? What does the Hawaiian word makuahine mean in English?

  4. Lua means old in Hawaiian. What do you think Luahine mean in Hawaiian?

  5. Kane means male - while make means dead. What do you think wahinekanemake mean in Hawaiian?

  6. How did women finally establish relevance in Hawaiian society?

  7. Why do you think women ate different food then men in Hawaiian society?

  8. What year did Captain Cook first arrive in Hawaii?

  9. Who was Captain Cook? Why is he an important figure in Hawaiian history?

  10. Was Captain Cook the first Non-Hawaiian to arrive on Hawaii?

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