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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 28 Questions

  1. Do you think peace after a war is truly possible? What does it take for true peace between people or nations to become permanent?

  2. Can you name three modern countries that were at war and then became close friends in the modern age?

  3. Do you think it takes more energy to have peace or war? Which is more difficult?

  4. What are the characteristics of a peacemaker?

  5. What are the characteristics of warmonger, a hater?

  6.  They often have large ceremonies and celebrations after graduation, weddings and peace talks. Why are these celebrations so important?

  7. Noa participated in the 'ailolo ritual, a graduation celebration which proclaimed to all his status as a koa warrior. Why was this important?

  8. What does tuiga mean. What does it say about the person who wears the tuiga.

  9. What would you do if you were Ele? Stay in Nualolo with your new friends or return to Matu Island? Why?

  10. Would you prefer to be part of the aliʹi  or a commoner. What are the advantages, what are reasons not to be part of royalty?

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