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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 24 Questions

  1. What does it mean that King Kiamana wore his most royal ʻahuʻula feathered cloak, his mahiole helmet, and holding his intricately engraved koa wood long-spear?

  2. Why was Akamu nervous that his idea of creating a false Nualolo wouldn’t work?

  3. Hōlua sleds run down tracks much like steep trails. What goes into building a hōlua track?

  4. Hōlua sleds have been known to run from high hills all the way down to the ocean. How dangerous is it to ride a hōlua sled?

  5. Why were the fishing nets strung across the back of the narrow valley?

  6. What was one of the greatest abilities that the Matu fighters had.  How did King Kiamana hope to defeat them?

  7. Did only men fight in the ancient Hawaiian battles? What was a weapon the women used?

  8. How did Akamu’s mother keep from being nervous with the war only a day away?

  9. How did the keiki help to prepare for the attack of the Matu?

  10. How did Akamu split the hard wood in order to make a runner for the hōlua sleds?

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