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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 17 Questions

  1. Being able to read the weather and predict what will occur is critical. How do present day meteorologists tell what the weather will be like in a day, a week and a month?

  2. How did the ancient Hawaiians predict the weather? Give three examples.

  3. How do you say hurry in Hawaiian?

  4. What is a riptide? How dangerous are they?

  5. “Move along with the beach, don’t swim against the sweep.” What is the author trying to say about escaping from a riptide?

  6. How do you say Help in Hawaiian?

  7. Do you think Big Puhi was courageous or foolish for going into the water for the surfboard? Why?

  8. Are coral reefs which lay thirty feet underwater disturbed by tropical storms? How would the damage to a coral reef effect a coastal village?

  9. What effects would a tropical storm have on the agriculture of a coastal village?

  10. What preparations do ancient Hawaiian villages perform in anticipation of a large storm?

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