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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 16 Questions

  1. Ha'a koa means dance of the warrior in Hawaiian.  Koa is the Hawaiian word for wood. Why do you think koa  is also the word for warrior?

  2. What do you think ha'a means?

  3. How do you say sorry in Hawaiian?

  4. How is the hula similar to the ha'a koa?

  5. One of the oldest weapons known to man is the maʹa or throwing sling. Archaeologists have found the throwing sling all over the world.  Why do you think the throwing sling is so popular in nearly all societies?

  6. Why was Ele surprised to see Akamu as a young person?

  7. Do you think it is possible for a storm to form in a matter of minutes and nobody notice? Have you ever noticed a storm hit suddenly where you live?

  8. Ele was committed to helping the Matu king attack Nualolo. Now it seems she is changing her mind.  What has changed making her rethink the attack against the people of Nualolo?

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