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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 14 Questions

  1. Why did the Matu want to leave their land?

  2. How do you think the Matu heard of a land far away across the ocean?

  3. Do you think the Matu were wrong for going to the Hawaii from the home land?

  4. Does being first to a land mean no one else can come?

  5. Have you ever shown up somewhere and been uninvited? How did you handle the rejection?

  6. Do you think following the kōlea, the  migrating plover, was smart or foolish.  Can you follow both the stars and the birds? What if they tell you two different directions, which do you take?

  7. What is the Hawaiian word for crazy?

  8. As a historical fiction, do you think it is true that ancient hula students practiced slow exhale breathing? How would we know if it was indeed done?

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