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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 20 Questions

  1. Why was it special that the aliʹi  girl smiled at Ele and spoke to her while being escorted to the cave during the storm?

  2. The guards carried leimano. Lei means necklace while mano means shark. What do you think leimano means?

  3. ʹUlu is one of the most important food in ancient Hawaii. What is ʹulu and what does it look like?

  4. Why were the people in the cave shocked at seeing the king?

  5. Amama ua noa. It is lifted free.” was said by the king. What does this statement by the king mean to the people? Have you heard that statement before?

  6. What do you think Ele wanted to tell Sanoe in the cave?

  7. Mahalo means thank you.  What does mahalo nui mean?

  8. Why was Ele so shocked to see Akamu?

  9. Why were the men eating separate from the woman?

  10. Do you think Ele should have ran away when she saw Akamu? Why or why not?

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