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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 19 Questions

  1. King Afu is risking his army in his attack against the village of Nualolo. Is he right or wrong to trust what  Ele’s auntie has to say?  Why?

  2. Ele’s Auntie Nani says that Ele “makes her own decisions.” Is the practice of depending on yourself and nobody else, a good or bad trait? How much do you depend on following everybody else when you make a decision? Is that right or wrong? Why?

  3. Why didn’t Auntie Nani lie and tell the king, of course Ele will do what you told her? Why didn’t she lie to the king?

  4. Is the Matu king Afu like the president of the United States or the Prime Minister of England? How are they different and how are they the same?

  5. What does it mean to the people of Nualolo for a person to be aliʹi ?

  6. Why cant Auntie Nani just run away and hide?

  7. The quote. “A'o i ke koa, e a'o no i ka holo.” “When one learns to be a warrior, one must also learn to run.”  What does that mean? I there a modern quote that says a similar thing?

  8. What are the four key aspects to the discipline of hula?

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