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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 18 Questions

  1. Storms in the South Pacific are horrible causing great damage. Name three ways that a storm can threaten the existence of a coastal village?

  2. When the water from the ocean rises during a storm it is called storm surge. How can storm surge threaten a coastal village?

  3. There are many kinds of tropical storms. Basically, however, there are tropical depressions (38 mph winds), Tropical storms or cyclones (39 to 73 mph winds) and hurricanes (74 and higher). Are there hurricanes in Hawaii?

  4. Why are rip currents so common during a storm?

  5. Ele and Maile were ordered to retrieve a block of wood from the destroyed hālau hula. What was important about that piece of wood?

  6. In the book, Ele is said to have looked out across the moana and saw something racing across the ocean water. In different parts of the book the ocean is call a kai. What is the difference between the moana and the kia?

  7. The king was riding on the large wa'a kaulua. Wa'a means outrigger wa'a kaulua means double outrigger. The royal wa'a kaulua was nearly 75 feet long. How many people could a wa'a kaulua carry?  What kind of outrigger did the Hawaiian first arrive on?

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