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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 21 Questions

  1. Ele mentioned the god Ku. What are some of the characteristics of the god Ku?

  2. What are the characteristics of the god Lono?

  3. How did Kala know people from the remote village in the Ohai’ula Valley?

  4. Kala started asking many questions of Ele. Why did she do that? What did Ele say that hinted to Kala that Ele was lying?

  5. Lana supported Kala and didn’t make her stop asking Ele questions. Why?

  6. Why did Lana immediately call the guards? What does this tell you about the of telling the truth in ancient Hawaii?

  7. How did Kahuna Maka know who Ele was?

  8. Why did Kahuna Maka stare at Big Puhi as she walked up to look at Ele when she was forced to the ground by the guards?

  9. What is the penalty for lying to the king?

  10. Why didn’t Akamu, Lana, Kala, Big Puhi or Noa help Ele when she was grabbed by the guards?

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