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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 11 Questions

  1. Why when the lady of the salt said, “Girl, indeed - where are you from? The Ohai’ula Valley?” did realize she had to leave soon?

  2. Did people trade for salt with money?  If not, name three things they traded for salt.

  3. Why was salt in high demand?

  4. Why did Ele hold back information about the temple of refuge?

  5. Why was the concept of a temple of refuge so strange for the people of Matu Island?

  6. The book talks about a hula seminary near the village of Ha’ena.  Was there an actual hula seminary near Ha’ena or did the author just make it up?

  7. Do you think it is wrong to make the hula students swim with sharks to show their spirit? Have you ever been asked to do something dangerous to prove yourself?

  8. Do you think Ele handled Akamu well when she threatened him with the paddle? How could she handled it differently?

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