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Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu

Chapter 2 Questions

  1. In the United States of America, a young person can join the armed services when they are 18. In Canada the age is 17 with parents’ permission, in Mexico 16. How young do you think the Hawaiians started training their people to fight in wars?

  2. In Akamu and the Revenge of the Matu, time is referenced by how far the sun moves toward the horizon. How long does it take for the sun to fully go below the horizon once it has already touched the horizon? 5 min, 8 min,  12 min? What does it depend on?

  3. Kekoa screamed out that there was wood floating in the whitewater below the cliffs.  Do all kinds of wood float? Does Koa wood float?

  4. The Hawaiians prided themselves on the tattoos. What did the Hawaiians use as needles and ink for tattoos?

  5. Describe the religious beliefs of the Native Hawaiians.

  6. Describe the Native Hawaiian diet.

  7. What plants and animals did they regularly eat?

  8. Describe 3 important occupations in the native Hawaii.

  9. Describe 3 Native Hawaiian sports.

  10. Who was the first Hawaiian monarch?

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