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Chapter 6 Questions

Chapter 6


  1. What would Akamu have used in ancient Hawaii to carve the shells, wood and bone to make his lure?

  2. Do you think his mother or father would be happy he made the lure?

  3. In ancient Hawaiian villages, there were huts that were for selective purposes. Some were for prayer while other were for sleeping. Name three other kinds of huts the ancient Hawaiians had.

  4. What does the Hawaiian word ewalu mean?

  5. Uncle Ewalu was over fifty years old. In ancient Hawaii do you think that being fifty years old was considered "old age?" How old do you think most people lived in other parts of the world such as Asia, the Americas or Europe?

  6. Why do you think having tattoos was important to the ancient Hawaiians?

  7. According to ancient Hawaiian legend, where did kalo come from?

  8. How did the ancient Hawaiians remember the stories from the past generations?

  9. What is the Kumulipo? How long is it?

  10. Where do you think the kalo roots are cooked? In ancient Hawaii do women cook the kalo? Why or why not?

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