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Chapter 4 Questions

Chapter 4


  1. Eels are dangerous and can cause severe injuries. Can you name three other things in the ocean that can cause injury?

  2. Should you be frightened of the ocean? If so, why. If not, why not.

  3. Big Puhi changed his name. Can people just change their name today?

  4. Pau hana is a term used today. What does it mean?

  5. Akamu lashed out at Big Puhi. Is that the best way to end an argument?

  6. Why would fighting be Kapu ?

  7. Falling coconuts are dangerous. How many people do you think are killed every year around the world by falling coconuts?

  8. Did smacking the coconut palm or yelling back at Big Puhi helpful in ending the argument?

  9. Why did Akamu make Noa go into the narrow tunnel of plants?

  10. A kahuna is an honored person. Are kahunas just men or can they be female ?

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