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Chapter 2 Questions

Chapter 2


  1. How could Noa’s grandfather have polished the hard wood of the kauila tree?

  2. How are the words makuakāne, makuahine, keikikāne similar?

  3. "Powerfully patient, gracefully strong." This is an adjective describing an adjective.  Pick two instances you know using the adjective /adjective combination?

  4. Where do you think the pigs that were on the island of Kaua’i come from originally?

  5. Hawaiians had many gods. Name two things that the god Lono was known for.

  6. There are a number of Hawaiian names for the ocean. How do the words kai and moana differ in meaning?

  7. Kapu means forbidden. Why would something be considered kapu?

  8. Why would it be kapu for the royalty, the ali’i  and the common people to stay separate?

  9. What is the state flower of Hawai’i?

  10. What is the penalty for doing what is kapu ?

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