Chapter 16 Questions

Chapter 16


  1. What is a search pattern?

  2. Dogs have very large noses and very large ears. What is the significance of these two physical attributes of dogs? What other animals have large noses?

  3. What is the ancient Hawaiian legend about the albatross?

  4. Near death, Puhala changed his opinion of the ocean. He said that the ocean “wasn’t his friend, it was his mentor, a teacher of hard lessons…” Do you think the ocean is your friend? Do you think Puhala was wrong in changing his mind about the ocean?

  5. Why did Big Puhi blame himself for getting Puhala into trouble?

  6. Why wasn’t Puhala seen as a hero by the king?

  7. Why did Puhala’s mother turn her back on him?

  8. Sanctuary is when you are offered a safe place. How is the Temple of Refuge a safe place?

  9. Why did the villagers want to kill Puhala?

  10. Can you think of a time when something novel or new has caused people to hate the inventor?