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Chapter 15 Questions

Chapter 15


  1. How did the ancient Hawaiians use drums?

  2. The large war ship Kai Manu was named after the shore bird the kai manu. If kai means ocean near the shore, what do you think kai manu means?

  3. In ancient Polynesia, why do you think people would have thought to bring poi dogs with them on their journey across the ocean to Hawaii?

  4. Why did Big Puhi decide to go along on the search for Akamu?

  5. Why was Big Puhi afraid of the water?

  6. What does the word “anecdotes” mean?

  7. What does the Hawaiian word Hele  mean in English?

  8. King Kiamana said that sometimes Akamu is “too smart.” What does he mean by that comment?

  9. What does it mean when you see a group of sea birds on the open ocean?

  10. Why did Akamu faint and fall to the floor of the wa'a?

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