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Chapter 14 Questions

Chapter 14


  1. What is meant by the word momentum?

  2. Cutting yourself on a coral reef is very dangerous and any cuts can become infected. Touching a reef is also very bad for the reef. What are coral reefs made of and why is it so important we don’t touch the reef?

  3. As a general rule, sets of waves come in groups of five or seven. Where do waves come from and how are they generated?

  4. Swimming in the ocean can be very dangerous. In modern day society, how do we stay safe when going into the ocean. Name three ways we can know the water is less dangerous.

  5. What does it mean to “move with the ocean, never fight it?”

  6. Akamu found in a food pouch old coconut meat and old wrapped fish. Would you ever eat old soggy food?

  7. Why had the Kumulipo all of a sudden become so important to Akamu?

  8. All societies have a form of kapu, things that are forbidden and warrant shunning. In our society what actions are kapu?

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