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Chapter 13 Questions

Chapter 13


  1. Why do you think people like to climb?

  2. Do you think it is “natural” to climb, meaning it is in our DNA?

  3. How important is fire to a village’s ability to survive?

  4. Which is more important, the invention of the wheel, language, or fire?

  5. Which aspect of the Hawaiian ancient art of fire-starting was most important, the kind of wood you use, how strong you are or how long you try?

  6. What do you think is the purpose of tattoos?

  7. According to Hawaiian legend, where did the art of making fire come from?

  8. How did the ancient Hawaiians and Polynesians work their wooden weapons so they would not go dull so fast?

  9. Name three ancient Polynesian weapons.

  10. Why would it be worse if the Matu thought Akamu was a spy and not just a thief?

  11. Akamu says, "The good fisherman avoids the storm he cannot endure and endures the storm he cannot avoid." This is an adage. Cultures often have sayings that are meant to guide behavior. Commercials you see on TV or on the computer use slogans like, "Just do it." to foster behavior. Write down at least three of your favorite slogans and describe what kind of behavior they are trying to produce.

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