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Chapter 11 Questions

Chapter 11


  1. Do you think a fish is strong enough to pull a small boat around or perhaps cause it to flip over?

  2. Akamu remembered something from his past that saved him. Can you remember something from your past that helped you?

  3. Is it possible for the weather to change and you be caught by surprise? Have you ever been caught in a storm?

  4. Na Hiku is what star constellation in modern English?

  5. Akamu asks himself, “Why has my dream of great victory become such a nightmare?” What is the answer? Think about his parents, his friend, Noa and Lana.

  6. How did the ancient Hawaiians bury their dead?

  7. When Akamu’s fish was free of the fishing line, what was it fighting against?

  8. Do you think fish caught by a fisherman are lost to animals in the ocean very often?

  9. How do you say shark in Hawaiian?

  10. Akamu had tricked the swordfish with his lure. How was Akamu tricked into breaking the law and paddle out into the night?

  11. Akamu had his mind "triggered" by a motion of the wa'a. What thing has triggered a memory for you?

  12. Akamu says he didn't listen to anyone. Is there a time you didn't listen to someone and now regret it?

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