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Chapter 9 Questions

Chapter 9


  1. Why did Akamu have the smear of burnt ginger leaves and moss on his chest?

  2. Niho palaoa is an important ornament that is worn to symbolize that the wearer has the right to control what is spoken. What does it mean that only the king wears the niho palaoa?

  3. What should Akamu have done when taunted by Big Puhi?

  4. Whose fault was it that Akamu disobeyed the kapu law concerning going out on the water?

  5. Why did Akamu fight with his friend Noa?

  6. Why didn’t Akamu’s parents help when he was on the water?

  7. Why are you supposed to let a baby bird struggle to free itself from its egg?

  8. Is there ever a reason to defy authority? How can it help, how can it hurt?

  9. "He needs to find what he is looking for." Write a paragraph on what you are looking for. What is your dream of the future?

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