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Chapter 5 Questions

  1. Ku is another god for the ancient Hawaiian people. Name two things about the god Ku.

  2. How did dogs get on the island Kaua’i?

  3. Why do you think they called the dogs “poi dogs?”

  4. Do you think poi dogs are large or small?  Why?

  5. What does the Hawaiian word koko mean?

  6. Why do you think the ancient Hawaiians built their houses atop foundations of lava rock?

  7. Ancient Hawaiian’s slept in a room with their feet pointed toward the center, their heads toward the outside. Why do you think they did this?

  8. Lauhala mats were both very beautiful and very valuable. What tree do you think the leaves come from to make a lauhala mat?

  9. Ipu plant has large fruit that, once dried, make useful containers. Name four things you can make from an ipu gourd?

  10. With strict kapu laws, why do you think Akamu decided to hide his “treasures?”

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