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Chapter 10 Questions

Chapter 10


  1. Akamu judged distances paddled by counting paddle strokes. How are distances measured in modern day? What parts of the body are used to measure length or distances?

  2. In this chapter both the kai and the moana are mentioned. What is the difference between the kai and the moana ?

  3. What did Akamu do to enable the shell lure to dive down deep enough to be seen by the larger fish? How did he weigh the shell lure down?

  4. How do you know where you are on the ocean at night?

  5. Noa yells at Big Puhi and says that it is Puhi’s fault Akamu defied the kapu. Was it indeed Big Puhi’s fault?

  6. Why did Lana put on her royal head wreath, shell necklace and stone bracelet?

  7. Name three kinds of kahunas.

  8. Why did Lana go to the king to allow a search for Akamu?

  9. Why didn’t the king change his mind and allow a search for Akamu?

  10. Why does Lana think it was her fault that Akamu broke the kapu and went out on the water?

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