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Chapter 8 Questions

Chapter 8


  1. Why do you think it was tradition to name a family’s wa’a, canoe?

  2. Ka'imi is the Hawaiian word for the seeker. Ka means “the." What does imi mean in English?

  3. Koa wood is very valuable in Hawaii. Why is it so important and where is it found?

  4. Akamu’s frustration with his father is strong. Have things changed over the last 800 years when children work with their parents? Has social media helped or hurt parent child relationships?

  5. Why are stories so key to the ancient Hawaiians? With television and social media, are there too many stories and too many distractions?

  6. Ancient Hawaiian children were very obedient and respectful, perhaps more respectful than the youth of today. Why would that be? Who has changed, the parents or the children?

  7. In the story about the puffer fish, what was Akamu’s father trying to teach him.

  8. Nani means beautiful in Hawaiian. Make a simple sentence using nani and one of the other words in Hawaiian you have learned.

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