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Chapter 7 Questions

Chapter 7


  1. An outrigger canoe is called a wa’a. Using ancient Hawaiian tools, how long do you think it would take to build a wa’a?

  2. Olonā  is a rope that is made from plant fibers that are spun and twisted across a person’s upper leg. Why do you think the olonā was so valuable?

  3. Why did Akamu’s father have such a strict routine for preparing the wa’a for a day of fishing?

  4. Tradition to the ancient Hawaiians was incredibly important. How do you think Akamu's ideas concerning a new lure for fishing was accepted? Does innovation and tradition always agree?

  5. Storms can be horrible, or storms can be a gift. Name three ways storms can be bad and three ways storms can be good.

  6. Akamu was not a patient person. Is being patient good or bad, right or wrong?

  7. Ku’ula was a kahuna. What do you think it was about Ku’ula that made him a kahuna ?

  8. Why did Akamu want to leave the kalo fields if being a farmer was honorable?

  9. Why is the octopus so difficult to catch?

  10. What is the Hawaiian word for octopus?

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