Chapter 1 Questions

Chapter 1

  1. Puhala and the Temple of Refuge is a historical fiction. What does that mean, historical fiction?

  2. What does the Hawaiian word puhala mean?

  3. When was the last time a Makahiki Festival was held?

  4. What was the significance of the Makahiki Festival?

  5. Other than for enjoyment, what would be the purpose of having the Makahiki Festival

  6. How long is a hōlua sled run?

  7. What is the name Makali'i  in Japanese and what is it called in English?

  8. Kāhili bearers went wherever the ali’i were present. Why would they do that?

  9. What does the Hawaiian word 'o'o mean?

  10. 'o 'o ihe is a dangerous game that could result in death. Why would this be part of the Makahiki Festival?