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Chapter 3 Questions

Chapter 3


  1. It is an honor to farm the kalo, why is Akamu upset?

  2. Akamu is digging with an ‘o’o stick, where have we seen that word before?

  3. Why do fishermen look for circling birds when they try and find fish?

  4. When fish are attacked, they move into a “bait ball.” What other animals move into a cluster when attacked?

  5. Waves of Polynesian’s traveled to the islands of Hawaii and had to fight for a place to live. Does that make the Polynesian’s bad?

  6. Why did the Matu come to Kaua’i?

  7. How did the Polynesian explorers find Hawai’i?

  8. is also know as Taro. Kalo is the Hawaiian word, where does the word taro come from?

  9. Is a large plant with big leaves that look like elephant’s ears. What parts of kalo are used?

  10. What does the Hawaiian word mean in English?

  11. Dr. Wright when writing this book uses a string of adjectives to describe things, "quick, fierce and free." Describe your best friend using the three adjectives.

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