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Johnson Kahili IV

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Dr. H. W. Wright D.M.D

Puhala and the Temple of Refuge, Ancient Hawaii, a child’s dream

Dr. Wright's love for Hawaii began almost 30 years ago when he first visited the island of Oahu. Over time, both he and his wife have developed close friendships with a number of wonderful resident Hawaiians on both Oahu and Kauai and through those friendships, his love for the islands has become a passion.

     As an educator, having taught for over twelve years at Chaminade College Preparatory High School, Dr. Wright knows how critical it is for learning to be  inspiring, fascinating and fun. Akamu and the Temple of Refuge is a historical fiction that captures the majesty and power of the Aloha spirit while reliving Hawaii's ancient history, all while teaching over thirty Hawaiian words.

       An avid historian, Dr. Wright, along with a team of experts in Hawaiian folklore and Hawaiian language arts, have worked to try and teach middle school students to understand the beauty of the Hawaiian language and the history of the Polynesian people.

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