Puhala is a wonderful book that commemorates the beauty and majesty of the Hawaiian people."

                                              ̶ ̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶ Vaalee Malaki

Explore the ancient Hawaiian and Polynesian traditions from the sacred chants of the Kumulipo to the importance of the Makahiki festival. Discover the amazing folklore surrounding the gods Pele, Ku, and Lono while learning over thirty words of Hawaiian. Puhala and the Temple of Refuge is an tremendous tool to learn diversity while teaching respect, responsibility and respect for the environment.

Seven centuries before the arrival of the European explorers, Puhala fights to save himself and his Hawaiian village as he struggles to survive the open ocean relying on his courage, his knowledge of the sea and the training he learned from his family, a family he turned his back on. Discover the amazing history and language of ancient Hawaii while following Puhala as he fights alongside his friends to save themselves and their village. Can Puhala and his friends stop the evil Matu before they attack? Will his parents, the village and King Kiamana ever forgive him for breaking what is forbidden? Buy Puhala today to jump into the adventure.